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Current Research

  1. On-Line Virtual Real-Time E-Collaboration.
    (journal paper 59 | journal paper 64)
  2. Data Envelopment Analysis Approach for Efficient Engineering Enrollment Management.
    (journal paper 61)
  3. A New Algorithm for Measuring and Optimizing the Manipulability Index.
    (journal paper 65)
  4. Mobile Manipulation Platforms.
    (journal paper 16 | journal paper 21 | journal paper 22 | journal paper 35 | journal paper 46 | journal paper 47 | journal paper 48 | journal paper 49)
  5. A Framework for Extreme Modular Design: A Plug and Play Approach to Sensory Modules, Actuation Platforms, and Task Descriptions and Implementations for Robotics and Automation.
  6. The robotic musicians band project (Partially Artificial Musicians (PAM)) with the School of Arts and Sciences.
    (journal paper 38)
  7. The chiropractic force sensor project (The Glove) and business plan with the School of Chiropractic and the School of Business.
  8. The electronic educational assessment web-based system with the School of Education.
    (journal paper 50)
  9. 3-D Reverse Engineering applications in dentistry, entertainment, plastic surgery and movie making (with the Health Sciences Division, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Business).
  10. Ergonomically-correct task-based design of cockpit interiors based on manipulability measures (Dept. of Industrial design, Dept. of Mathematics, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering).
  11. The Virtual Chemistry Laboratory: An experiment in internet-based education using remotely controlled robot manipulators (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemistry).
  12. A reverse engineering and inspection system (has been implemented in an auto assembling plant).
  13. The robot prototyping environment (currently being packaged as software for controlling, simulating, and monitoring generic manipulators).
    (journal paper 9 | journal paper 15 | journal paper 33 | journal paper 42 | journal paper 45)
  14. An automated stock trading system that is currently in use.
  15. A prototype has been developed for a cell-based car mapping system.
  16. An academic class scheduler and advisor software (SKED), which is currently used by several academic departments.
    (journal paper 41)
  17. A face recognition / object identification software, is currently being developed for commercial deployment via an incubator established through angel investments and VC seed funds (joint work with other Universities and industry partners).
  18. An electronic raffle web site is being readied to go live with the help of VC funding.
  19. Autonomous Tele-robotic System
  20. Goal Directed Design of Serial Robotic Manipulators
  21. Heterogeneous Swarm Robots (UB Swarm)
    (Hardware | Software)
  22. 2013 Fall Student Projects
    (Project1 | Project 2 | Project 3 | Project 4)
  23. 3D Face Modeling and Recognition