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Administrative Experience

President [2022-present]

Lawrence Technological University

Provost [2020-2021]

Lawrence Technological University

Leads the academic affairs, enrollment management, admissions, registrar, financial aid, institutional research, student affairs, athletics, housing, career services, the office of diversity, equity and inclusion, and the corporate & community partnerships divisions of the University; including the College of Engineering, College of Business and Information Technology, College of Architecture and Design, College of Arts and Sciences, the Centropolis Accelerator, the Office of Sponsored Research and institutional Grants, Industry Research and Business outreach, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of E-Learning, the Center for Professional Development, the Library, and the Marburger STEM Center.

Dean of Engineering Emeritus [since July 2020]

University of Bridgeport

Interim Provost [2020]

University of Bridgeport

Leads the academic affairs operations of the University, including the College of Engineering, Business, and Education, the College of Health Science, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Executive Vice President [2018-2020]

University of Bridgeport

Oversees University operations as the University Executive Vice President and leads the Division of Research and Economic Development, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, technology commercialization and venture creation, industry, business, international and academic outreach activities, research and scholarship development across the University of Bridgeport, and UB's innovation and business incubation operations.

Founding Dean, College of Engineering, Business, And Education [2018-2020]

University of Bridgeport

Leads the EBE College, the University of Bridgeport Innovation College. The College is home to the School of Engineering, School of Business and the Graduate School of Education.

Founding Director, University of Bridgeport Bauer Hall Innovation Center [2019-2020]

University of Bridgeport

Founded the University of Bridgeport Innovation Center, home to the Student Entrepreneur Center, the Technology Commercialization and Venture Creation Group, the Intellectual Property office, the Industrial and Graphic Design Services group, Maker Spaces, the Entrepreneurs in Residence, and UB's Accelerator.

Senior Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research [2014-2018]

University of Bridgeport

Leads the University efforts in inter-disciplinary program development, industry and governmental collaboration, fund-raising, grant and external development funding acquisition, graduate programming, innovation and emerging technology management, international programs development, research and scholarly activities.

Founding Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research [2008- 2014]

University of Bridgeport

Launched the Division of Graduate Studies and Research to promote inter-disciplinary program development and research capabilities. Leads all aspects of management, development, strategic planning and implementation at the division level, which includes the School of Engineering, School of Business, School of Education and Human Resources and enrolls over 75 percent of all UB graduate students. Identifies activities needed and secures budget approval to support the addition of division-level academic programs, university-wide graduate student academic support, and research infrastructure. Established and implemented the use of a matrix with measurable outcomes to quantify faculty participation in sponsored research projects and scholarly and creative activities, to include the number of: funding proposals submitted, articles published in refereed journal publications, conference papers published, book or book chapters published, faculty to serve as journal editors, faculty to serve on conference technical committees, faculty to chair conference, workshop, technical committees or sessions thereof, faculty to serve as peer reviewers for external funding agencies.

Initiated activities to strengthen collaborations with industry and funding agencies within the areas of interdisciplinary research, emerging technologies, and sponsored projects. Developed the matrix and measurable outcomes to quantify the number of: students participating in a co-op or internship, faculty research proposals submitted to industry and other agencies, research proposals currently funded by industry and other agencies; the total dollars of current industry and other agency-sponsored research projects. Further developed the advisory board membership standards for the School of Engineering, School of Business, and School of Education and Human Resources. Clarified membership obligations and expectations to include dollar or in-kind contributions to UB research and guaranteed co-op student employment.

Established and supervises new division departments and associated personnel, including the associate dean for business development and outreach, and the managing coordinator, office of sponsored research. Supervised the development of a new "business incubator" through the office of development and outreach. Established and supervised a faculty research council, graduate council, intellectual property board. Expanded the membership and initiated policy and procedures development to meet federal requirements for the institutional review board. Supervised the drafting and approval of the intellectual property policy, the significant financial interest policy, the federally negotiated provisional facilities and administrative cost rate, and revisions to the graduate assistant policy. Secured funding for an inaugural seed money grant program for full-time faculty. Advised the development of a dedicated division website.

Established an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering Program. Initiated the establishment of a M.S. degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Sustainable Development and Ph.D. in Technology Management. Initiated the establishment of research labs and associated equipment for the study of alternative energy and sustainable development.

Dean, School of Engineering

University of Bridgeport. [7/1999 - 2018]

Established and designed the web-based electronic assessment system and software for performing assessment of the undergraduate engineering programs at UB, in addition to providing the system to other UB schools as a standard platform for performing program assessment of objectives and student outcomes. The e-assessment system has been fully developed, implemented and coded at the School of Engineering. Coordinating school and accreditation activities for various departments, fund raising, pursuing corporate relationships, industry advisory board development, and international program development with other institutions (domestic and international). Managing and developing the school budget. Facilities and space management and enhancement. Coordinating personnel reviews, the yearly professional review, recruiting, and RPT committees. Restructuring the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering majors, pursuing and securing ABET accreditation, expanding external and non-traditional program offerings, revamping the M.S. programs in Management of Technology, CS and CpE. Integrating the industrial design department offerings into existing engineering programs, interdisciplinary and inter-schools projects and innovative syllabi development, establishing admission, language and bridge courses criteria, and continuing school web site development for the academic departments. Initiating and finalizing the web-based e-content project for all course work at UB's Engineering School. Undergraduate and graduate curriculum development and structuring the Ph.D. program. Initiating proposals for distance learning education and internet-based continuing education classes at the dept. of computer science and engineering.

Founder, CTech IncUBator [2010]

University of Bridgeport

Founded the CTech IncUBator, a high-tech business incubator, as a partnership between the University of Bridgeport (UB) and Connecticut Innovations (CI), the state's quasi-public authority for technology investing and innovation development. The CTech IncUBator is Fairfield County's first and only university-based incubator for high-tech start-ups.

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research [2006 - 2008]

University of Bridgeport

Coordination of the graduate programs at the University of Bridgeport. Facilitating inter-school collaborations for new program development and joint programming. Managing enrollment of the graduate programs. Providing leadership for fund-raising and grant writing. Fostering research and scholarship at the University.

Interim Dean, School of Education

School of Education, University of Bridgeport [8/2016 - 9/2016]

Interim Dean, School of Business

School of Business, University of Bridgeport [2/2006 - 10/2006 and 1/2011-12/2011]

Chair, Department of Technology Management

Department of Technology Management, School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport [5/2005 - 3/2006]

Interim Chair of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport. [5/98 - 1/99]

Director, External Engineering Programs

School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport. [10/97 - 6/99]

Establishing, managing and coordinating the Engineering Weekend programs. Implementing distance learning regular classes and continuing education classes. Establishing on-site educational classes and programs for industry. Coordinating continuing professional education classes for the local industry.

Founding Director, Robotics, Intelligent Sensing and Control (RISC) Laboratory Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Bridgeport. [Since 9/95]

Research on mobile manipulation, PC-based software packages for controlling/simulating/monitoring of manipulators, service robots, prototyping and synthesis of controllers, simulators, and monitors, calibration of manipulators and singularity determination for generic robots, and algorithms for uncertainty computation from sense data.