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Licenses & Certifications

  1. The Executive leadership Academy Presidential Preparation Class, 2017-2018, American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI); Sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).
  2. Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, State of Utah. License Number 190683, since February 1994. Passed the Engineer-in-training Examination in April 1993, the Professional Electrical Engineering Examination in October 1993 and the Utah Engineering Law Examination in February 1994.
  3. Certified Professional Manager, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, James Madison University. Passed the personal, interpersonal, and administrative skills examinations in May 1996. Certification Number 06391.
  4. Certified Reliability Engineer, American Society of Quality Control. Passed the C.R.E. Examination in October 1996. Certification Number 4320.
  5. Certified Manufacturing Engineer, Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Passed the CMfgE Examination in January 1997. Certification Number 4100224.
  6. Licensed Engineer, Egyptian Engineers Association.
  7. Certificate of License, Alexandria Engineering Organization.