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Student Supervision

B. S. Project Supervision:

  • Supervised over 100 Bachelor�s projects from 1992 to present.

M.S. Projects/Thesis Supervision:

  • Supervised over 300 students from 1992 to present.

Ph.D. Student Supervision:

  • Baltabai Dauren [2020-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis -" Development of a method for dynamic calculation of the strength and stiffness of spatial manipulators."
  • Azilkiyasheva Marzhan Mukhtarbekovna [2020-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis -" Research and development of a parallel manipulator with the required dynamic characteristics."
  • Azilkiyasheva Marzhan [2020-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis -"Research and development of a parallel manipulator with the required dynamic characteristics."
  • Sultangazin Adil [2018-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis-"Mathematical modeling of stability for biologically-inspired robotic manipulators."
  • Reem Alattas [9/2014-12/2018]
    Ph.D., December 2018, "Evolutionary approaches to Task Based synthesis of modular reconfigurable robots".
  • Saltanat Zhilkibayeva [6/2016-12/2019]
    Ph.D., December 2018, "Dynamic analysis of flexible links manipulators."
  • Peter Zeno [6/2012-10/2017]
    Ph.D., October 2017, "A Cognitive Approach to Mobile Robot Environment Mapping and Path Planning".
  • Almat Raskaliyev [1/2014 - 12/2016]
    Ph.D., December 2016, "Research and Simulation of the Problems of Attitude determination of objects with the use of rigidly connected single-frequency GNSS Antennas."
  • Ahmed Elsayed [1/2011-05/2016]
    Ph.D., May 2016, "Face Recognition-Algorithmic Approach for Large Datasets and 3D Based point Clouds."
  • Abuzneid, Abdelshakour [1/2006-3/2015]
    Ph.D., March 2015, "Fortified End-to-End Location privacy and Anonymity in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Modular Approach."
  • Tamer Abukhalil [1/2012-1/2015]
    Ph.D., January 2015, "Deployment of Heterogeneous Swarm Robotic Agents Using A Task-Oriented Utility-Based Algorithm."
  • Madhav Patil [1/2012-12/2014]
    Ph.D., December 2014, "Heterogeneous Robot Swarm-Hardware Design and Implementation ."
  • Sarosh Patel [9/2006-2/2014]
    Ph.D., February 2014 - "Goal Directed Design of Serial Robotic Manipulators Based on Task Descriptions."
  • Ayssam ElKady [9/2007-5/2012]
    Ph.D., May 2012-"A Modular, Plug and Play, Robotics Middleware Design for Sensory Modules, Actuation Platforms and Task Descriptions."

  • Ghimire Bishad [2020- present]
    Ph.D. Thesis - Thesis Evaluation -"Deep Learningl Optimization, and Reinforcement Learning", University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  • Tony Punnoose Valayil [2019-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis-Thesis Evaluation -"Kinematics of hybrid exoskeleton robot with spherical joints for the rehabilitation of upper limb in stroke-affected patients", Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Mr.S.Vellingiri [2019-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis-Thesis Evaluation-"Exploration on the effects of process parameters in squeeze casting and WEDM machining of LM13 aluminum alloy and LM13- SiC Aluminum matrix composites ", Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • Amir Hossein Mehbodniya [2019-present]
    Ph.D. Thesis-Thesis Evaluation-"Design and Development of A Robotic Platform for General Neurosurgical Procedures", University of Malaya, Malaysia.
  • K. Boopathy [2018]
    Ph.D. thesis-Thesis Evaluation-"Investigations On Tool Life Enhancement Of A Tungsten Carbide Turning Insert For Cast Iron Component Machining ", Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • M. Mohan [2017]
    Ph.D. thesis-Thesis Evaluation-Investigations On Improvising six row manually Operated Paddy Transplanter and Cono-Weeder Through The Application of Value Engineering Job Plan" PSG College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • P. Parthiban [2017]
    Ph.D. thesis-Thesis Evaluation-PSG College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India.

  • Suresh Mayilswamy [2014]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member-"Design and Analysis of part feeding system" - Anna University, Chennai., India, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Manoharan Rajalaxmi [2011]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member - "A hybrid data transformation approach for privacy preserving clustering of categorical data" Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu, India
  • V. Sai Srikanth [2009]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member-"Modelling and Analysis of Material Handling by Single AGVS with Onboard Robot in Straight Line Flow Paths" College of Engineering, Andhra University, India
  • P. Venkatakrishna [2008]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member - "A Study of QOS Metrics for Wireless Systems" - School of Computing Sciences, VIT University, India
  • Hodge, Lovell [8/2001]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member-"An Adaptive Framework for Sensor Planning in a Coordinated Multi-Agent Environment" - University of Waterloo, Department of Systems Design Engineering.
  • Tewari, Sandeep [1/94-9/95]
    Ph.D. thesis-External Committee Member-"Visualization of Uncertainty in Manufacturing Features" - Texas A&M University, Department of Computer Science.