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Experimental Results, Cover Plate

A second experiment was run in a similar fashion, using a part similar to the fuel pump cover from a Chevrolet engine. This piece offers interesting features and has a complex recursive structure which allowed us to test the recursive nature of the state machine.

The sensing strategy used here was more robust than in the previous experiment. Detected feature contours were sensed with stereo vision and used to build up a feature-based _1model. This model was then used to semi-automatically machine a reproduction of the part. The original and reverse-engineered wireframe models are shown in Figures 22. A photograph of the original and reproduction is shown in 23. For more detail on the sensing strategy, please see [30].

The inspection sequence corresponding to this experiment is shown in Figure 24. Shown there, the DRFSM transitions correctly through the inspection of the outside profile (depth of recursion=0), a hole (1), a profile pocket (1), a hole (2), and another hole (1).
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