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Experimental results, Automated Bracket Inspection

A metal bracket was used in the experiment to test the inspection automaton. The piece was placed on the inspection table within view of the camera (see Figure 18).

The machine was brought on line and execution begun in State A, the start state. After initiating the inspection process, the DRFSM transitioned through states until the probe reached the bracket boundary. The state machine then called for the closed region to be recursively inspected until finally, the hole was explored and the machine exited cleanly. The sequence is shown in Figure 21.

The original part and the resulting reverse-engineered part are shown in Figures 19 (wireframes) and 20 (rendered images). Notice that the two side holes and a portion of the bracket were not sensed correctly, as a simple strategy was used to sense from only one direction. In the next experiment, a more complicated model is sensed with a more sophisticated sensing and modeling strategy.
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